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mobile seo rankings

mobile seo rankings

SEO Services for eCommerce Websites

Do you want to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website? Your online platform serves as the channel through which online customers can purchase your products. But you can only expect to generate sales if you generate the right kind of traffic. Orca SEO makes sure that you are being found by your target audience. Ecommerce search engine optimization services, from our team of digital marketing experts can put you in the best position to drive more leads and ultimately boost sales.

ECommerce SEO Packages — All Start with On-Site Optimization

We begin the process by optimizing your site structure. This involves creating category and brand pages to provide better navigation to your online visitors. A full audit will be done to find any cracks in the foundation of your website and come up with the best strategy to establish the optimal structure for your ecommerce store.

Product and Category Keyword Optimization

Keywords play a critical role in any content marketing campaign. But if you fail to target the right keywords, the traffic coming to your site won’t turn into paying customers. Our SEO experts can help you uncover keywords with high commercial intent. These search terms indicate that the users are deeper into the sales funnel, making them likelier to convert. What’s more, each of your products will have a unique description to avoid triggering any spam filters.

ECommerce SEO Company Specializing in High Quality Product Link Building

Links are among the most powerful ranking signals for any kind of website, be it ecommerce or otherwise. This doesn’t mean you should blast your website with tons of links. Quality over quantity is the name of the game. Orca SEO focuses on building contextual, relevant and authoritative links. An effective link building campaign can be just what your product pages need to increase their search visibility.

Best eCommerce SEO Company — Hold us Accountable with Comprehensive SEO Reports

In order to gauge the performance of your ecommerce website, we will provide comprehensive reports to give you updates about different site metrics. This allows you to see whether the online store SEO rankings we provide actually deliver the kind of results you want for your ecommerce store.

Our most important deliverable is keyword rankings. You will receive a detailed weekly report showing your changes in search rankings over time.

eCommerce SEO Consultant for Internet Retailers of All Sizes

Orca SEO has the knowledge, experience and expertise in ecommerce search engine optimization that can be just what you need to succeed in your online venture. With a team of highly qualified SEO and digital marketing professionals, we can provide a suite of ecommerce SEO services that can be tailor-made according to the unique needs of your website. Regardless of the ecommerce platform you use, you can guarantee that Orca SEO knows how to use it to its maximum potential, making your online store more successful than you can ever imagine.

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